* Regarding the October 2016 issue of The Clarion, we apologize for an error in the numbering of the ballot referendum questions. To view the correct numbering as well as the wording of each ballot question, click on this link

Also, this email went out to members from MEA regarding an error in the printed copy of The Clarion:

Dear MEA-R Members,

You should be receiving your October issue of The Clarion in the mail.  After printing, an error was discovered on Page 2, top story, column 3, first full paragraph:  A correction as follows . . .

Electingmembers to the Maine Legislature who will NOT reduce MePERS benefits, will NOT reduce our promised 55 45 percent paid health insurance and will NOT reduce MePERS for new educators is VERY IMPORTANT. 

We have also included this correction on the printed page here.

Our apologies for the error.



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