~Promoting the economic, professional and social welfare of retired educators. 


Maine Education Association Retired

Maine Education Association Retired 2020 Proposed Resolution Form                                     (8/7/19)

If you would like to propose a resolution to MEA-Retired, fill out the 2020 Proposed Resolution Form. Follow the submission directions on the form. (Please do not send your completed form through the website contact page as that may delay consideration of your request.) The submission deadline for consideration prior to the May 2020 Convention is February 1, 2020. 

Click 2020 Proposed Resolution Form.pdf to open the form on a new page. This is a printable pdf document.

Click 2020 Proposed Resolution Form.pages to download a form that you can type on and print. This is a Pages* document. 

Click 2020 Proposed Resolution Form.word to download a form that you can type on and print. This is a Word* document.  

* If you do not have either Pages or Word on your computer, but you want type your submission and email it, you can open the pdf version of the form, and copy it and paste it into your own word processing program, then type. You may need to re-format the page in your word processor depending on how your word processing program handles the pdf format. If you are going to email the completed form, please convert your submission to a pdf document before emailing it. We can not be sure we will be able to open your submission if it is not in pdf, Pages, or Word format.