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​State of Maine Legislature Bill Status Knowing the bill's number, you can check the status of the bill on this page. 

Signed Into Law: (Below this list will be any updates or information on bill status from our Legislative Liaison.)

​LD 92: An Act To Amend Teacher Evaluation Requirements     Signed 4/11/19 

​MEA press release explaining LD 92.    

Bills to Watch

LD 178: An act to Increase the State Share of Health Insurance 5 percent per year until it reaches 90 percent. 

LD 162 and LD 276: An Act to Eliminate the State Income Tax on Maine Public Employees Retirement System Pensions

LD 39: An Act to Require Insurance Companies to Provide a Hearing Aid Benefit of $3,000

LD 176: An Act to Enhance Participation on the State Board of Education 

LD 55: An Act To Return the Normal Cost of Teacher Retirement to the State 

LD 427: An Act To Require the State To Fund Teacher Retirement 

LD 898: An Act to Provide for a Professional Wage and Support for New Teachers

LD 1104 - An Act to Clarify the State's Commitments Concerning Certain Public Service Retirement Benefits

Update 5/13/19: Supported in the House and Senate and heading to the Governor's Office. 

(From Under the Dome.)This bill is sponsored by Representative Michelle Dunphy, is a Maine Association of Retirees bill designed to address the steep cuts to the retiree pensions passed by the legislature in 2011. This bill would strengthen the ability to prevent future cuts to the pension program of retirees. While we are limited in our ability to undo the damage from the 2011 pension cuts, this bill would go a long way towards showing retirees a commitment to their retirement plans. The committee supported the bill unanimously.  

Bills Impacting Active Educators (Some links provided.):

LD 1370: "An Act To Address Violent Behavior in the Classroom." Support to help educators assaulted by students. 
LD 240: (Updated 5/11/19 as reported in Under the Dome.) 
Passed in Committee! "An Act To Allow Public Employers of Teachers to Negotiate Regarding Educational Policies." This bill gives educators a greater voice at the bargaining table - giving you the right to bargain over things like prep time. Contact your legislators to support this bill as it comes before the House and Senate for a vote. 
LD 900: "An Act To Expand the Rights of Public Employees under the Maine Labor Laws." The right to strike - we may not want to, but having this tool can help provide our students what they need.

Update  posted 4/24/19 from MEA President, Grace Leavitt. The Legislature's Labor Committee voted to move ahead with LD 900. 
LD 1177: "An Act To Improve Public Sector Labor Relations." Binding Arbitration - determinations by arbitrators are binding on all subjects, including salaries, pensions and insurance. 

​LD 345 - "An Act to Help New Teachers Succeed" Sponsored by Rep. David McCrea and was unanimously passed by the Education Committee and passed "under the hammer" in the House and Senate.

LD 376 – "An Act to Expand Health Insurance Options for Town Academies"

LD 696 – "An Act to Protect Public Employees from Identify Theft."  Sponsored by Senator Shenna Bellows and was unanimously passed by the Committee and so far has passed “under the hammer” in the Legislature.

LD 757 - "An Act To Improve Labor Laws for Maine Workers"

LD 300 – "An Act to Protect Hourly School Personnel Pay During School Days Missed Due to Weather or Emergency Closures"

LD 898 - "An Act To Provide for a Professional Wage and Support for New Educators" This is the bill for the 40K minimum teacher salary.

LD 392 and LD 836, sponsored by Rep. Jim Handy, codifies funding for school-based health centers and expands the number of school-based health centers.

BILL UPDATES from MEA-Retired Legislative Liaison - Crystal 

Posted 4/16/19

Hello MEA-Retired ,
Here are the latest updates on bills we are working on:
LD 1104 –the bill make COLA a law. (COLA would have to be paid according to the CPI ) Was voted on by Committee on Labor and Housing  as OTP
OTP= means ought to pass
Date               Action               Result
Apr 8, 2019             Work Session Held

Apr 8, 2019             Voted                               OTP

This is an important step, but it still has to pass in the vote in the House of Rep. and the Senate.

LD 38 An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Adults
Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services voted OTP-AM (ought to pass and amended) on this bill
Date               Action               Result
Mar 7, 2019               Work Session Held
Mar 7, 2019               Voted                            OTP-AM

This is an important step, but it still has to pass in the vote in the House of Rep. and the Senate and get funding

LD 162  Committee on Taxation voted OTP–AM
An Act To Eliminate the State Income Tax on Maine Public Employees Retirement System Pensions and LD 276 An Act To Provide Equity in the State Income Tax Deduction for Maine Public Employees Retirement System Pensions (bills were combined)

Date               Action               Result
Feb 20, 2019            Work Session Held
Feb 20, 2019            Voted                            OTP-AM
This is an important step, but it still has to pass in the vote in the House of Rep. and the Senate and get funding

Crystal Ward MEA-Retired, posted April 16, 2019


Information and links to legislative activity that impacts retired and active Maine educators will be posted on this page. Links will open on a new page.
(​​​​Updated on 1/15/2020 . Much of this information has been taken from the MEA Under the Dome.) 

Updated 1/15/2020

LD 1104 is now law. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters and made phone calls!

​​Updated 7/31/19 LD 1104 is being held over to the next Legislative Session. 

6/13/19 From Crystal Ward (Info from MAR and MEA-Retired)

The Maine Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs has completed their work on the Biennial Budget for 2019-2020. The budget will now go to the Maine House and the Maine Senate for a vote, 2/3 required to pass. This process should be completed within a few days and then the Biennial Budget will go to the Governor for her signature.

LD 1104: An Act to Clarify the State’s Commitments Concerning Certain Public Service Retirement Benefits (COLA Bill) is on the Appropriation’s table and will be acted on by that Committee

LD 1104 is the bill which makes the Cost of Living Adjustments on your Maine Public Service Retirement Benefit for retired educators and state employees a contractual obligation.  Passing this piece of legislation will help ensure current and future Maine Legislatures and/or Governors cannot eliminate or reduce the COLA on your benefits.

There continues to be Legislators that are concerned about a future downturn in the economy and want the “flexibility” to use our COLA for balancing the State budget.  MAR believes the State of Maine has already reduced public service retirees’ pension to “balance the State budget” and expanding the use of our pension to “balance the State budget” is unacceptable.

If you agree this type of practice needs to stop, please contact the Maine Legislators on the Appropriations and Financial Service Committee and express your support of LD 1140.  Also, contacting Governor Mills is appropriate.  Their contact information is listed below.

Committee On Appropriations and Financial Affairs (Click the name to get additional contact information including direct email link.)

MEMBER                                                              EMAIL ADDRESS
Senator Cathy Breen-Chair (D)       
Senator James Hamper-(R)
Senator Linda Sanborn-(D)
Representative Drew Gattine-Chair (D)
Representative Amy Arata-(R)
Representative Michelle Dunphy-(D)
Representative Brian Hubell-(D)
Representative Erik Jorgensen-(D)
Representative Dennis Keschl-(R)
Representative John Martin-(D)
Representative Sawin Millett-(R)
Representative Teresa Pierce-(D)
Representative Nathan Wadsworth-(R)

GOVERNOR JANET MILLS:   Telephone number (207) 287-3531 You can go on the Governor's website to send a message.



Links to the most current UNDER THE DOME emails with the LD number, summary and status for each bill we are watching. Click on the date to open the mail in your browser. 

June 7: Regarding LDs  1104, retiree pension COLAs; 300, pay averaging for hourly employees ; 900, right to strike; 1177, binding arbitration; 240, negotiating planning and prep periods; 1338, teacher evaluations; 307, charter schools cap; and 513, enrollment cap for virtual for-profit charter schools; and a State Budget update.

May 31Regarding LDs  307; 300; 513; 240; a State Budget update; and a Federal update on the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019 (H.R. 6)


~Promoting the economic, professional and social welfare of retired educators. 

Maine Education Association Retired