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Maine Education Association Retired

Grants and Scholarships

About the MEA-Retired Ritter Grant and Sheehan Scholarship

Located under the "Grants and Scholarship" button are applications for the Ritter Award and the Sheehan Honor Grant.

The Ritter Award is for the counties to apply for a grant up to $300 each year to use for helping members who have difficulty in participating in the monthly meetings due to age, infirmary, or financial difficulty.  The Ritter Award is given up to 10 counties each year.  Each county organization must complete and submit an application form if they want to apply for the Ritter funds. Jane Ritter was an active member of MEA-Retired and served on several committees.  In her will she left a percentage of her assets to MEA-Retired to use to help those listed above.  Her will also left paintings which were not sold all at once, so money will continue to come in from time-to-time.  

Ann Sheehan was also a member of MEA-Retired. Upon her death, money was donated by her friends and family to the Legacy Committee to be used by an active teacher working on an advanced degree.  A scholarship of $1500 is given each year to the awardee. 

If you have any questions about either of these grants or the Ritter Feedback form, please contact the Committee Chair that oversees these grants, Hugh Keene, by email at: hugrcook@aol.com