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Becoming a Member and the Enrollment Application

Would you like to join or visit a local affiliate meeting? Contact the web administrator here and in the body of your contact message, identify which county you are interested in and include your contact information. The web administrator will forward your message to the affiliate president and they will contact you.  

Membership in MEA-Retired
is open to any educator or educational support person who has retired from any public or private school in Maine or from the University system upon payment of unified dues to MEA-Retired, the Maine Education Association and the National Education Association - Retired.

Membership is also open to any educator who retired from another state or from a private school or college which had no employee relationship with the MEA by payment of dues to MEA-Retired only.  Spouses of a member who would not be eligible for active membership may join as Associate Members.

Printable Enrollment Application: 

MEA-R form for membership here.* (Print, fill in the blanks with a pen and mail to the Caribou office according to the form instructions.)

Writeable and Printable Enrollment Application: 

MEA-R writeable form for membership here.(Type information in the blanks, print completed form, and mail to the Caribou office according to the form instructions.)

Closely affiliated with MEA-R are the 16 County Associations and HEAR (Higher Ed) whose retired educators are encouraged to join.

*The application was updated on this site on 7/17/19. Please be aware that the cost of a NEA-Retired Lifetime membership is currently $250, but will increase by $50 to $300 on September 1, 2019. If you choose Option B, and mail your enrollment application before August 31, 2019, with the membership fee check, the check should be made out to MEA for $250, and mailed to the Caribou Office with the enrollment application to be received in the office by August 31.  If you submit the enrollment application using option B and mail it to the Caribou Office to be received after August 31, the check needs to be made out for $300 for the NEA-Retired Lifetime membership. 

If you have questions about the form or fees, contact the Augusta Office. 


This page was updated on 7/17/19


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